When meeting for the first time

I will arrange an informal meeting with you, in a mutually convenient public location, where you can ask me any questions you have, and ensure you feel comfortable in my presence. The emphasis is on informal; no need to call me Sir or be anything other than polite, as you would when meeting anyone for the first time. You’re welcome to bring a friend and/or arrange a safe call, or take any other precautions you wish.

I recommend you follow these guidelines when meeting anyone, including me, for the first time.

The safety episode of my podcast

When having a session

I am happy for you to suggest a location for our session that you are comfortable with, be it a play room you already know, or a hotel that you have booked. Visits to your home are not offered until you are a regular client. You are welcome to bring a chaperone, and I encourage you to set up a “safe call” in advance, just as you might for a blind date.

Before the session begins, I will discuss my plans for the session, so you know to expect. We will usually have already discussed this over email, this is just a recap. You are welcome to raise any objections, request activities you’d like, and ask any questions you may have. I will also remind you of your safewords.

During the session, you are welcome to make any safe calls you have arranged at any time.

I follow the principles of RACK and SSC.