Sir Dax

Approachable English Dom, specialising in introducing women and couples to BDSM and reassuring those who’ve had a bad experience. I offer a range of services, including online and real life Dom/sub play and tutoring.

About Sir Dax

Sir Dax is an expert in introducing new submissives, single or couples, to the exciting world of BDSM! His patience and willingness to answer questions also means he can reassure those who may have had bad experiences in the past.



  • BDSM Sessions
  • Online submissive training
  • Couples training
  • Advice for couples
  • Demonstration sessions
  • Online sessions
  • Texting
  • Life skills
  • Guidance for beginners
  • Content creator scenes (Snapchat, ManyVids etc)


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“Through authentic communication, Sir asks questions about, and beyond, my kinks to foster and grow a supportive space for me to look into my desires as he ushers me out of my comfort toward pleasure I didn’t know I could feel. He earned, contiunes to earn, my trust with his commitment to pausing and ending our sessions to ensure I am comfortable and enjoying myself- a phenomenally difficult skill to execute while also delivering the deprivation, satiation, trepidation, trust, pain, and pleasure I beg him for.

 I connected with Sir while I was looking for a Dom capable of getting into my mind and fuck me. Sir has inspired me to submit to his commands and prioritize his pleasure over mine because I trust him to protect and pleasure me. Even over the internet, Sir has gotten into my mind, controls my body, and makes me cum harder than I have for most. 

 I feel seen, have my agency to voice my concerns and desires, and trust him to guide me into and through our sessions when I’ve entered my sub-space. I only regret not finding him sooner. I’m a strong willed and successful woman, and I feel safe and alive under his control; free in his bondage. I am his to dominate at my choice and request.”


Everytime meet I have had with Sir Dax I have felt a mix of feelings. Pain, pleasure but mostly, safety. From the moment I met him Sir DAX was welcoming and I found myself happily submitting to him. His consistant checkins made sure I was safe and secure as well as pushing my limits within the realm of reason.


“Are you curious about BDSM? Have you done your research? Stop putting it off. Improve your life. You can get great advice from Sir Dax, I have received educated advice with ideas that I have already used with my Sir. You can trust Sir Dax!”


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If you’d like to find out more, send Sir a message and he’ll discuss your needs further. Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite. Unless you want him to.