About Sir Dax / FAQ

Find out more about why I am a Dominant, why I’m not the stereotypical Dom, and what you can expect when you meet me…

The approachable Dominant.

Sir Dax has been practising BDSM for the past 25 years. He first realised he was a natural Dom 15 years ago, and since then has been mentoring subs and littles as well as helping new subs and Doms understand more about what their roles mean.

Over that time, Dax has developed an approach which makes him both easy to talk to, and easy to serve. More recently, Sir Dax has been using his skills to train couples in the art of D/s, so that they can integrate it into their daily life however they wish. He has also developed a range of online submissive experiences, for those who want to experience the feeling of being dominated without the physical aspects; perhaps while finding a more local Dominant, or to better understand what it means to be submissive.

Dax is very approachable, and takes time to explain every aspect of both the subject and his own approach. For Dax, no question is silly, no fear unfounded, and no request too small. Whether you’re completely new, or have had some experience, good or bad, Dax will put you at ease and help you achieve your submissive desires. When first speaking to him, you don’t need to call him Sir or Master, just a simple “Dax” will do; as he earns your trust you’ll probably find you automatically start using a title.

Soon you’ll be saying “Yes, Sir” without even realising it!  

Why is Sir Dax different?

You might wonder what, if the focus is on the sub, Sir Dax gets out of being a Dom? It’s a common question, as the stereotypical Dom is seen to be misogynistic or self-centred. 

In reality, for genuine Doms, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A D/s experience is two-way, with the sub depending on the Dominant to facilitate their submission, and the Dom depending on the sub to relax and let them take over. Sir Dax enjoys helping subs old and new achieve their goals, and that is what gives Sir Dax pleasure. 

Whether it’s an individual, or a couple learning how to play responsibly, Dax lives to help other experience D/s in a safe, controlled manner that is both fulfilling and exciting. 

Sounds too good to be true? Meet Sir Dax and find out!

Frequently asked Questions.