2021 Prices

Due to the effects of the pandemic, I have reduced all prices for the remainder of 2021. Updated prices are shown below. In addition, NHS, emergency services, teachers and anyone else who was on the pandemic frontlines can claim an extra 10% discount as a refund after the session. If you’re not sure if you qualify, just ask when you make your booking, and show your ID at the session.

Beginner’s Session


FIXED Price + Expenses*

Normal price £299. Session will last minimum 2 hours, maximum 6 hours.



Per hour + Expenses*

Minimum booking is 2 hours, maximum is 6 hours.


£1750 per 24 hours (for the first 3 days)
£1500 per 24 hours (for additional days)
Plus flights, inflight wifi, airport transfers and accommodation.
Contact me to discuss further.

* Expenses are the cost of Dax’s travel (normally petrol cost) and any fees incurred for booking a hotel room or playroom/dungeon. These will be added to your deposit and are non-refundable. Alternatively you may book the venue yourself.

** Discount is at Sir Dax’ discretion, and will be refunded back to your method of payment after the session. Please show your proof of ID at the session to claim.