I‘ve developed a special “Beginning BDSM” session, specifically for those who’ve never tried it before, or who have had a bad experience previously.

What is the beginner’s session?

“Beginning BDSM” is a session I’ve specifically designed for submissive newcomers; those who have never tried BDSM (or have minimal experience) and want to experience it properly and find out more, or those who maybe have had a bad experience and want to explore in a safe environment with a professional guide.

Most books and films that include BDSM elements (especially the Fifty Shades series) are inaccurate, and don’t portray BDSM realistically. I’ve created this session to address that.

What does it cover?

During the session, I will demonstrate a number of BDSM techniques on you, and I’ll also cover everything you need to know to begin (or continue) your journey as a submissive. Topics covered include:

  • Basic BDSM experiences such as collaring, inspection, spanking, toys and so on
  • Personal safety – how to vet and meet kinky people safely
  • Play safety – learn how you should expect things like spanking, clamping, bondage to be done, so you know what to expect and can teach your partner
  • How to find fellow kinky people (going to your first munch)
  • Different activities and what they involve
  • Techniques you can teach your partner
  • Things to do at home
  • Where to find out more information

You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you want. My goal is for you to leave the session fully equipped to continue your kinky journey. There are no time limits- it’s a fixed price, no matter how long the session lasts.

Also, every Beginning BDSM session includes a free “Sir Dax” metal anal plug as a souvenir.

What should I expect?

Each session is tailored to you, based on conversations we’ll have beforehand, but a general outline will look like this:

  • Introduction
  • Collaring
  • Inspection
  • Basic service
  • Sensation play
  • Impact play
  • Aftercare
  • Safety
  • How to find kinky people and events
  • All questions answered.

I’ve put together a more detailed example session programme which you can read here.

How much does it cost?

Normally this session is £299 + expenses, but due to the pandemic screwing everyone’s life up, I’ve reduced it to £149 + expenses to make it more affordable. It’s a fixed price- ask all the questions you want, experience all the BDSM you want, there’s no time limit. I want you to leave the session with confidence. The expenses are my travel costs (petrol) plus venue hire- generally I recommend a hotel room for this session, rather than a dedicated dungeon, as then we can take all the time we need.

What do I need to bring?

As part of your first BDSM experience, you’ll be told what to wear (from your current wardrobe, you won’t need to buy anything new). You are welcome to bring any toys you would like used on you during the session, although I will come fully equipped with my “Big Bag o’ Bondage” so you don’t need to bring anything. All clients will also get a discount from my online store, and a free souvenir buttplug.

Can I see some examples?

Sure! Here are some videos that I’ve made to show you the sort of thing you can expect. Every session is different, these are just to give you an idea of what I’m like and how I approach a session.


Beginning a session with the collaring ritual

Demo “Inspection” – Nice version

This the sort of approach I can take with someone who is perhaps shy, nervous about their first time, or doesn’t want things like punishment or criticism.